Teaching Handwriting Made Simple

The fast, curriculum-free way to teach handwriting to all grade levels while building vocabulary, improving spelling and practicing creative writing.

Teaching multi-aged subjects in a group/family setting makes your day as a homeschooling teacher SO much more efficient. Sure, some subjects don't work well in this format, BUT handwriting is actually BENEFICIAL to do as a group. In return you'll save time, energy, money (NO consumable, grade level curricula) and sanity. This course will to teach you the basics, break it down into steps, give you tips and tools to use, and also run you through a REAL LIFE demonstration on how it works for my large family homeschool. You'll be able to be a fly on the wall during a typical lesson and really see how it plays out in real life on real kids with a real mom teaching! Bonus printable PDF documents to make this no-prep teaching style even more user friendly!

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Nicci Lynn
Nicci Lynn

Nicci Lynn and her husband (and high school sweetie), Mike, live in the rural Midwest and boast an entourage that includes eight children, ranging in age from four to seventeen, as well as a bunch of chickens, three cats, and a crazy black lab. Nicci has been homemaking for twenty years and homeschooling for fourteen years. She also runs a thriving home business with the mission of supporting and encouraging families by offering practical tips and tools she has learned along the way. Nicci's no-frills, down to earth teaching style leaves her students with the realization that they, too, can do this! #youvegotthis!

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